Established in 1971, The Athene Club provides its women members the opportunity to gain a better understanding of current world, national and community issues by offering informative and stimulating lectures from a range of speakers.  The diverse topics may include science and medicine, the arts and entertainment, as well as many other matters of interest within the community

The name ‘Athene’ was chosen because the Greek Goddess Athene represents good humour, wit and cleverness and presides over the whole moral and intellectual side of life.

Held monthly at the Ellerslie Event Centre, Ellerslie Racecourse, the morning meetings are followed by refreshments and allow social interaction between members in a convivial atmosphere.

The Athene Club has 320 members.  New member applications are always welcome.  However all nominations must be submitted by an existing member.  Currently, there is a waiting list, but we aim to accept new members into the Club within a reasonable period of time.

Our Club continues to thrive, thanks to meetings which are well attended and supported by our friendly members.

The Athene Club can be contacted:

By post at : P.O. Box 28-184,  Remuera Road, Auckland 1541

By email: